The woman who turned her husband into a dog…………

The story behind the story……………

Based on Franz Kafka’s story ‘The Metamorphosis’, first published in 1915. Metamorphosis is a story about travelling salesman, Gregor Samsa who wakes up one morning to find that he has become a huge insect like creature.  I did attempt to read it many, many years ago but don’t think I quite finished it.

It has also been influenced by Rudyard Kipling’s, ‘Just So’ stories of magic and animals where disobedience and unhelpfulness are ‘rewarded’ with unsettling and permanent consequences.

So without further ado I give you……………

The woman who turned her husband into a dog…………

The woman who .....

“No I don’t” – these were the last words spoken directly to me by my husband and no before you wander off in completely the wrong direction and jump to the wrong conclusions.  My husband is very much alive and well, doing very well all things considered. He is just not quite as he was.

Even now as I look at him, I am not entirely sure quite how it all happened. Though I am very clear on what has happened and fairly clear when it all started. So perhaps that is a good place to start my story……….

Six months ago, just before my 60th, I realised, how nice it would be, to have a dog, to have a bit of unconditional love and companionship.  To have an excuse to get out about and meet people and having a dog would also provide a good source of exercise. So with these ‘happy thoughts‘ in mind I made the suggestion to my husband, well he didn’t hang about.

“Yes dear, I can see many positives, but…………..”

“What about the poop? What about veterinary bills, and what about my eczema? Why don’t we get some fish, they look pretty, don’t need constant petting and you don’t need to clear away poop.”

Certainly not a ringing endorsement……

So I really wasn’t too amused when I returned home one day to find a tank installed in our home, with a clutch of tropical fish swimming about and my husband standing by it looking as ‘pleased as punch’.

“This is something we can both enjoy”, he beamed. Clearly very pleased with his show of imitative, ordinarily I would have been over the moon with any show of action and follow through. I had half wondered and perhaps hoped that he might have gone off and looked at compatible dog breeds. Size, temperament, hairiness, intelligence. He had mentioned fish certainly, but I don’t remember us agreeing to a whole tank of brightly coloured and frankly annoying fish.

“Sorry to say they do nothing for me, whatever they offer I don’t want”. I wasn’t shy about sharing my disdain.

So, then at what stage did I start to wonder and ask myself, what if?

Even now as I think back the changes were subtle, small, and gradual. Was it simply the power of my mind? I am I believe a rational woman, married for some 40 years to a rational man.

So there you have it.

Until next time