The woman who turned her husband into a dog……………..

Humphrey 1

“Let’s get a dog”, she suggested to her husband, one day.

“Absolutely, not” – he replied.

“Just a small one, short black hair, bright eyes. It would a great way to get out and exercise more”

“No” he replied again, “It wouldn’t work, not with my skin condition”

“We could look at breeds that don’t affect your skin” – she suggested, but inside she could feel his deep resistance.

“No and that is my final word” – he asserted

“Hmmm” – she thought and “Hmmm” again. She kept this up for quite some time until one day…………

“Woof” – barked the bright eyed, brown and white dog.

“How lovely” – she sighed, “I shall call you, Terry”.